Himalayan Crystal Egg Shape Lamp Wood Base
  • The cheapest and the simplest method of fighting against electric smog is to air rooms regularly, particularly those in which a few people stay together for sometime, in which there are electric machines, computers, or where cigarettes are smoked. You can also use air ionizers, but these are quite expensive. To help you remove electric smog, we offer Salt Lamps & Tea Light Candle Holders. Made of natural salt crystal, rock it is a natural air ionizer that effectively boosts the number of negative ions in the room.
  • 2.5 - 3.5kg

       ​ • Gives relief from stress related symptoms

        • Protects from electro-smog produced by computers and TV's and more

        • Offers help for headaches, migraine, feeling low and insomnia.

        • Cleans the air of tobacco smoke and many by-products.

        • Alleviates breathing difficulties in asthmatics and bronchitis sufferers.

        • Emits a warm glow to give any room a sense of calm and serenity - Ideal for therapy rooms.

         ready to use just plug in and enjoy.
         the way of life

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Himalayan Crystal Egg Shape Lamp Wood Base

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