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No Product we stock has been tested on animals.What we can state however is that as far as possible we use natural, pure ingredients, we use only reputable suppliers who hold similar principles to ourselves, and who Endeavour to produce entirely cruelty free product.*We always do our best to ascertain whether a company is likely to be using child labour as cheap or slave labour and steer well clear. Of course these days no exporting company from India or the Far East is likely to admit it, so a degree of common sense and a nose for such things is important.

We know how important it is to make sure that the harmful effect of electric smog is reduced to a minimum in the rooms where we are.

We know the  cheapest and the simplest method of fighting against electric smog is to air rooms regularly especially  where a few people have stayed together for sometime,also in which there are electric machines computers or where cigarettes are smoked. You can also use air ionizers but are  quite expensive.    
Our Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps are  made up of naturalelement of the earth. By heating the crystal  salt lamp with a bulb  inserted inside the lamp additionally enhances the ionization effect, just having it in the same room  will improve the air around you.Also our Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Tea Light Holders are natural element of the earth. by putting a tea light  candle  inside the holder additionally enhances the ionization effect or just having it in the
same room  will improve the air around you.
Scientific research has proven that the amount of ions in the environment, acceptable by the human, is ca. 1000 - 1500/cm3. In closed rooms where a few people work at the same time, the amount of negative ions may fall to as low as 200/cm3. The positive effect of negative ions can be experienced on a visit to the Salt Mine, by the sea or walking right after a storm. Now you know how important it is to make sure that the harmful effect of electric smog is reduced to a minimum in the rooms where we work.

The cheapest and the simplest method of fighting against electric smog is to air rooms regularly, particularly those in which a few people stay together for sometime, in which there are electric machines, computers, or where cigarettes are smoked. You can also use air ionizers, but these are quite expensive. To help you remove electric smog, we offer Salt Lamps & Tea Light Candle Holders. Made from natural salt crystal rock, it is a natural air ionizer that effectively boosts the number of negative ions in the room.

The effect of air ionization by salt originated from physical and chemical properties discovered many years ago. In Salt Lamps heating the salt crystal with a bulb installed inside the lamp additionally enhances the ionization effect.Today, at the beginning of 21st century we can hardly, if only imagine living without many electric devices. They make it easier for us to work in the office and at home. However we often do not realize that they are also a source of very harmful positive ions, the so-calledelectric smog, resulting in the concentration of positive ions; deteriorates the condition of air in the rooms, what then negatively affects our physical and emotional state.

Salt blocks for cattle served a great purpose.  They would hold up to the environment and could be left out in the open where cattle grazed.  They were so compact that they lasted a long time, too.  Even in climates where we get lots of rain, a salt block will hold up all year long.  But there’s a problem with the salt block when it comes to all livestock -- it was designed for cattle and not horses.  Because it was convenient, it received widespread use for horses and in fact has become the main manner in which salt is given to horses -- and that’s a problem.

Cattle have rough tongues and have no problem licking salt from a salt block.  Horses, on the other hand, don’t have a rough tongue and have great difficulty in getting as much salt as their bodies require from a salt block.  Look at any salt block that’s offered to horses and you’ll see teeth marks and scrapes in it.  Why do you think those are there?  Some people think that happens because the horses love the salt so much that they try to be greedy and get more than they should.  In fact, I once heard a person say “that’s why you have to use a salt block for a horse, otherwise they would just eat it all.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.


Is the cleanest natural crystal salt on the planet, has 84 natural elements needed by the body and is 100% Natural. The taste is so unique compared to conventional table salts it has a soft smooth taste and is great for healthy eating. Granulated Culinary Salt. The natural way to cook, table,  salt, culinary,  Salt, cooking,  Salt, Natural, Salt.
1kg plastic bag.

New Himalayan Crystal Smoked Salt great for barbecue and fish, taste great the best salt for fish, meat and more!


Himalayan Crystal salt/solay is not merely a salt but a wonderful nutritional supplement which when ingested recharge the body’s mineral system, in other words it replenishes the body minerals deficiency in a natural way maintaining the optimum balance. It offers numerous health benefits to mankind , Science has discovered Himalayan region people use this Himalayan crystal salt for healing of several diseases.

List is very long but for your interest I will show you some interesting Tips people are accustomed to apply:-

The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt is more than salt; it’s a way of life -- or more precisely, a way of approaching aspects of living your life well. Within nature, the elements of harmony and balance abound. It’s our option to be within them, or without them. We believe that by taking simple steps to resonate with the way your body, mind, soul, and spirit were designed to work, you reap huge benefits. Whether you are interested in our Original Himalayan Crystal Salt or any of the other fine products we carefully select for The Original brand, The Original makes it easy to make choices that help you live a life in tune with nature’s balance. With The Original, your body, mind, soul, and spirit soar! We want your world to harmonize on every level, to Harmonize Completely.

What is Salt? Salt is a mineral comprised mainly of the two elements, sodium and chloride. When we speak of salt, we mean unrefined, unprocessed, sodium chloride plus all of the other 82 natural occurring mineral elements held within the crystalline structure of the salt in its original form; holistic, wholesome, unaltered, and natural, the crystallized remains of an ancient, primal ocean that evaporated over 250,000,000 years ago, and is today coming from an exclusive mine in the Himalayan Mountains,

Life on Earth is not possible without salt. But our consumption of salt is killing us. Why is that? Because our regular table salt no longer has anything in common with the original crystal salt. Salt, now a days, is mainly sodium chloride and not salt. Natural, Original Himalayan Crystal Salt consists not only of two, but also of all natural elements. These are exactly identical to the elements of which our bodies have been made and originally found existing in the "primal ocean" from where all life originated.