Bio Heat Pack Ceramic Stone Belt Back

Containing dehydrated ceramic stones, the bio ceramic stone belt comes in a lightweight Velcro pouch that hugs the painful area giving your body greater comfort. Used in conjunction with the large heat pack, the bio ceramic stone belt conducts heat from the heats pack 40mm deeper into your skin.

Like the bio ceramic stone back belt, the bio ceramic stone sports belt maximizes heat from the heat pack its smaller size is perfect for relieving painful joints wrists, elbows, knees and ankle

Heat therapy has been associated with comfort and relaxation it can provide pain relief and the benefits of healing for many types of pain natural healing via increased blood circulation.

Heat therapy is both inexpensive and easy with Re-usable Instant Heat Packs.

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3 Small Heat Pack Bio Health ( qty 3 )

3 Small Heat Pack Bio Health ( qty 3 )

Heat Pack Large Shin/Kissco Bio HealthCommonly used as a hand warmer, the Small Heat Pack is designed to fit inside your pocket, desk, car, gl..


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