Heat Pack Large Shin/Kissco Bio Health

Commonly used as a hand warmer, the Small Heat Pack is designed to fit inside your pocket, desk, car, glove-box or handbag. Its small portable size makes it perfect for use by children and adults and appeals to golfers, skiers, snowboarders, students, and for workpeople working out doors in the cold.

125mm x 90mm

Heats instantly

Safe and non-toxic

No preparation required

Excellent pain and stress reliever

Reusable hundreds of times

Contains a safe food grade salt

Non-electric - no risk of shocks

Therapeutic - for aches and pains

Does not require external heat or electricity to use

Completely portable - use it anywhere

Great for sports, camping, fishing and the outdoors

Heats to a safe temperature of 54 °C (130 °F)

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