Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Cat Shape Wood Base

These lamps or not just lamps, apart from being a Natural and pure mineral these Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are used for many things and in many ways for our Mind, Body and Soul.

Look at it this way:

They look great in any room and are a taking point when your friends come round.

The light from the bulb inside the salt lamp allow you to see the natural beauty of the crystal salt and the many colours that makes the salt lamp giving a        warm soft glow making a calm relaxing atmosphere.

The bulb that heats the crystal salt gently warming to salt lamp in turn cleans the air we breathe getting rid of smells and odours.

These salt lamps are great  purifirers and are not expensive like most modern ones you buy in the shops and it does the same thing the by-products such as    TV sets, Dryers, Computers, washing Machines, Mobile Phones and more all give off positive ions which is harmful to our health in many ways, the salt lamp turns that in to negative ions which is good for our bodies and great for asthma sufferers salt lamps and tea light holders  impoves the air purity.

Himalayan Crystal Salt contains 84 minerals needed for our bodies.

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Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Cat Shape With Wood Base

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