Himalayan crystal Apple Salt Tea Light Holder

  • The air we breathe consists of many electrically charged particles positively and negatively charged or neutral particles the quality of air we breathe depends on the kind of electrical charge and concentration of the ions.


  • Himalayan Crystal Salt improves the air quality of our environment and is a natural element which in today’s world when artificial products of civilization surrounds us natural Himalayan salt lamps and tea lights is a unique product worth having in your home.



  • If you want to create a cosy relaxing, wellness environment and anywhere you want to enjoy the beauty of nature this is the places you can put a Himalayan lamp or a few tea lights in some Salt Tea Light Holders.

        • Gives relief from stress related symptoms

        • Protects from electro-smog produced by computers and TV's and more

        • Offers help for headaches, migraine, feeling low and insomnia.

        • Cleans the air of tobacco smoke and many by-products.

        • Alleviates breathing difficulties in asthmatics and bronchitis sufferers.

        • Emits a warm glow to give any room a sense of calm and serenity - Ideal for therapy rooms.

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Himalayan crystal Apple Salt Tea Light Holder

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