Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Gift Box Set 6 with brochure/booklet

The perfect Gift:

1 Egg Shape Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

1 Heart Shape Salt Tea Light Holder

1 Bag Crystal Bath Salt 500gms

1 Gas Lighter 

20 Tea Light Candles

1 Brochure

Some of the benefits Salt lamps give you.

• Gives relief from stress related symptoms

• Protects from electro-smog produced by computers and TV's and more

• Offers help for headaches, migraine, feeling low and insomnia.

• Cleans the air of tobacco smoke and many by-products.

• Alleviates breathing difficulties in asthmatics and bronchitis


• Emits a warm glow to give any room a sense of calm and serenity -

 Ideal for therapy rooms.

Edible Table salt/Granulated Culinary Salt

The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt is more than salt; it’s a way of life -- or more precisely, a way of approaching aspects of living your life well. Within nature, the elements of harmony and balance abound. It’s our option to be within them, or without them. We believe that by taking simple steps to resonate with the way your body, mind, soul, and spirit were designed to work, you reap huge benefits. Whether you are interested in our Original Himalayan Crystal Salt or any of the other fine products we carefully select for The Original brand, The Original makes it easy to make choices that help you live a life in tune with nature’s balance. With The Original, your body, mind, soul, and spirit soar! We want your world to harmonize on every level, to Harmonize Completely.

Himalayan Crystal salt/solay is not merely a salt but a wonderful nutritional supplement which when ingested recharge the body’s mineral system, in other words it replenishes the body minerals deficiency in a natural way maintaining the optimum balance. It offers numerous health benefits to mankind; Science has discovered Himalayan region people use this Himalayan crystal salt for healing of several diseases.

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Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Gift Box Set 6 with brochure/booklet

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